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2019 Digital Cities Summit Registration

On June 3 and 4th, Stanford School of Engineering is holding an invitation-only event on the Stanford Campus - bringing together over 300 C-suite executives and 80 global technology experts to discuss how to transform technology disruptive into opportunities for growth. The conference has been sold out two years in a row. We expect to sell out the conference for this coming year so please register soon.

This year’s focus is on “Crossing the Data Layer Through Mobility,” and will look at how new advances in material sciences, robotics, electric cars, cyber-security, autonomous vehicles, to artificial intelligence will impact the exchange of data to create new insights in urban settings. The key goal is to learn how these technologies will affect our industry, impact jobs, and create growth from the world’s experts in technology.

The Global Projects Center in

Stanford’s School of Engineering


2019 Disruptive Technology & Digital Cities Summit


The Summit brings together an elite group of 300 global CEOs, SVPs, entrepreneurs, and policy makers for 2 days of discussion on the Stanford campus in Palo Alto, California on June 3 and 4th. We will expand upon and focus on ways that R&D labs and innovation leadership can collaborate to transform disruptive technology into new opportunities for growth around the digitalization of urban markets.

Register now, seating is limited! Previous year’s summit was sold out with standing room only.


Key Summit Goals to Understand:

• The data explosion is now being fueled by breakthrough technologies in advanced material sciences, predictive analytics, and IoT and what to do about it.
• Sensor technology costs are plummeting and miniaturization makes it possible to embed these technologies in virtually every material including clothing, metal, construction materials, etc.
• We will explore physical privacy as detection technologies become pervasive
• Data has begun to cross the data layers of cities and urban markets creating new business models and transforming industries, changing our views on privacy and cyber-security
• We will explore the issues around privacy and discuss issues around the “Theatre of Privacy.”

View Full Conference Agenda

Disruptive Technology Topics Including:

Stretchable Materials for IoT

IoT & Real-time Data Analytics
Physical Privacy and Imaging New Advances in Robotics
Cyber Security Digital Transportation
Metamaterials & Urban Digitalization Visual Modeling Platforms
Venture Capital Family Office



$1,250.00 Per Person



June 3 and 4th
Stanford University Campus
McCaw Hall at Stanford University
Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center
326 Galvez St.,
Stanford, CA 94305



For more information contact:



You can check the Stanford Lodging Guide for accommodations options.