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Digital Cities Program GPC Overview

The Stanford Global Projects Center is an interdisciplinary research center at Stanford. We seek to facilitate understanding of the financing, development, and governance of critical infrastructure worldwide. We conduct interdisciplinary research, facilitate engagement among academic and industry leaders, and educate future leaders within the infrastructure finance and development space.

Areas of GPC Research Focus

Research Areas

Disruptive Technology & Digital Cities

Fundamentally change the way governments and companies think and operate as the world moves toward truly digitized urban centers.

Institutional Investment

How can financial institutions best invest capital in critical infrastructure, and what policy initiatives are best suited to attract institutional capital to infrastructure assets?

Project Governance

What capital, organizational, and contractual structures generate the best financial, social, and environmental outcomes for the delivery and operation of complex infrastructure projects?

Frontier Finance

How is the landscape changing between institutional capital, strategic assets, and financial intermediaries?

Barriers to Innovation

How can project teams and industry players structure and manage organizations and relationships to facilitate innovation?