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Digital Cities Seed Presentations

Seed Proposals Presentations from Stanford Faculty

Issued by the Global Projects Center (GPC) for Research Supporting GPC’s new Digital Cities Initiative Presentations

Design and Planning for Renewal of Automobile Transportation Infrastructure in the Era of Autonomous Vehicles 

PI: Michael Lepech; Co-PI: Martin Fischer

A Cross-domain Analytics and Predictive Diagnosis (CAPD) Framework for Sustainable Urban Planning and Operations 

PI: Prof. Rishee K. Jain; Co-PI: Dr. Zheng Yang

Robust 3D Printing of Stretchable Multi-modal Sensor Network for Real-time Integrity Monitoring of Critical Urban Assets 

PI: Prof. Fu-Kuo Chang, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Deep Learning for Urban Demands 

PI: Ram Rajagopal; Research Team: Nikolay Leptev (Facebook/Stanford), Jiafan Yu (Stanford), Yuting Ji (Stanford)

On-Demand Resilience (ODR) for Smart Digital Cities 

PI: Anne Kiremidjian; Co-PI Ram Rajagopal

Multi-scale Data Aggregation, Simulation, and Visualization Platform for Urban Systems 

PI: Martin Fischer; Research Team: Mike Lepech, Marc Ramsey and optional add-onfor mobility research: Silvio Savarese and Leonidas Guiba

Investigating the natural spatial and temporal scales of cities to inform the design and operation of distributed urban....

PI: Rishee K. Jain; Co-PI: Nicholas T. Ouellette

The Age of Human Robot Collaboration 

PI: Oussama Khatib