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Infrastructure Lesson 2

Lesson 2: What are the Key Types of Infrastructure in Our Community and the United States Today?


This lesson both builds awareness of different types of infrastructure and challenges students to think about how infrastructure impacts their personal lives.


Students should be able to do the following at the end of the lesson:

  1. Identify eight types of infrastructure and list two examples for each of these types.
  2. Describe at least one way how their personal lives are impacted by each of the eight types of infrastructure introduced.


  1. In pairs or small groups, students brainstorm different examples of infrastructure in their communities on Infrastructure Worksheet #1 that begins with a definition of infrastructure and provides space for brainstorm notes.
  2. Next, students will complete Types of Infrastructure Worksheet #2 by filling empty boxes with the names of general types of infrastructure from their Worksheet #1.
  3. Teacher passes out and discusses Completed Types of Infrastructure Handout.
  4. Teacher facilitates a discussion about the impact of infrastructure on the personal lives of students.


  1. Full Lesson Plan - Includes Lesson Overview, Teacher Instructions, and Student Handouts.
  2. Teacher Instructions
  3. Student Handouts 
The design, development, validation and publication of these infrastructure teaching modules was supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, Grant #1334292, and the Global Projects Center at Stanford University. All opinions and conclusions expressed in this paper reflect the views of the author/s, and not necessarily the views of these sponsors.