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Kate Gasparro, Ph.D.

Previous PhD Student

Kate Gasparro was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow studying Sustainable Design and Construction at Stanford University. She has since earned her Ph.D. from Stanford. Kate has spent the past four years bridging the fields of civil engineering and public policy through extensive academic studies, and has published work on the use of public private partnerships to address failing transportation infrastructure. She has gained an understanding of the complexities of infrastructure development through her work with urban planners, civil engineers, policy analysts, and municipal leaders, and she is pursuing research regarding crowdfunding and microlending for infrastructure projects. In addition to her work in the United States, Kate spent the past three years fostering a collaborative relationship between Engineers Without Borders and a rural community in Nicaragua to address water sanitation and delivery issues and is currently working on a development project in Juarez, Mexico as part of an international research initiative. Recently, Kate was recognized as a Rhodes and Truman Scholarship finalist for her innovative vision and work to address community growth through infrastructure delivery. Kate holds a BS in civil engineering from Clemson University.