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Kim Wikström

Past Visiting Professor

Kim Wikström is professor (chair) in Industrial Management, with a specific focus on project business and industrial marketing at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Åbo Akademi University. Before returning to academia 1992, he worked in engineering and construction companies responsible for developing and implementing project management and governance processes in large energy and marine projects. He has been visiting professor at Stanford University, USA, St. Petersburg State University, Russia and Tallinn Technical University, Estonia and visiting scholar at Norwegian University of Technology, Norway and Linköping University, Sweden. His and his research groups areas of research are: 1) value creation and industrial logic and business models (strategies, offering, modularization, integration mechanisms and services) in industrial investments and project-based firms and 2) organizational design (capabilities / competencies, risk and uncertainty, organizational structures) in large projects. His present focus is on delivery models including collaboration mechanisms in business eco-systems within energy and transportation. He collaborates with professor Levitt in research projects regarding new types of delivery models for infra-structure projects.