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Financing Energy Innovation: The Need for New Intermediaries in Clean Energy

Monday, December 14, 2020

Dr. Soh Young In and Dr. Ashby Monk recently published their study addressing the significant widening of the valley of death in the clean energy domain. This study demonstrates that an organizational approach can address investment barriers by showing how greater coordination among investors can effectively promote sustainable energy innovation. In the clean energy space, it is a mistake to think of this sector in terms of early-stage investors (e.g., VC/PE funds) and late-stage investors (e.g., corporate investors, banks and public market). Because of the time horizon, the fates of all these investors are interwoven (or should be). This study brings an equal focus to the early stage and late stage, which will then give confidence back to investors so they can do the heavy lifting to accelerate sustainable energy innovation. the paper published in Sustainability's special issue can be found here: