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GPC at Center for Strategic & International Studies in DC - Constructing a New Global Order

Monday, February 5, 2018

Stanford Global Projects Center researchers joined the Center for International Security Studies (CSIS) for a presentation on our recent infrastructure finance, governance and sustainability research. The event, held in Washington DC on December 18th, was entitled Constructing a New Global Order, Western and Chinese Infrastructure Development Abroad. The Global Project Center's Ray Levitt, Mike Bennon and Bushra Bataineh gave presentations and Ray joined Brendan Bechtel to field Q&A from industry and policy experts and a public audience. The event included a review of the Belt and Road investment program and the GPC's recent research comparing eastern and western development finance institutions abroad. Key strategic themes included the shifting sources of financing for developing economy infrastructure, the critical need for innovation on the part of development finance institutions, and recommendations for more effective US international infrastructure policies.