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New Whitepaper: U.S. Infrastructure Gap(s): Federal Policy and Local Public Institutions

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Bipartisan calls for support of increased focus on infrastructure have been widely heard through out recent election cycles, yet many U.S. cities have been slow to adopt innovative procurement models for infrastructure development and smart city programs despite their apparent benefits. Addressing such urban infrastructure needs in the United States, GPC's Michael Bennon, Julie Kim, and Professor Raymond Levitt take a look at impediments to the adoption of new models for urban infrastructure development and finance. Their paper, U.S. Infrastructure Gap(s): Federal Policy and Local Public Institutions, identifies institutional reform, via new public infrastructure organizations and institutions in the U.S., as a solution to spur the adoption of life-cycle based infrastructure procurement, smart city programs, and other proven reforms to urban infrastructure.

To learn more, read the full paper here.