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Stanford Faculty

Doug McAdam

Professor of Sociology

Professor McAdam is currently working on three major research projects. The first is an comprehensive follow-up study of all accepted applicants to the Teach for America (TFA) Program between 1993-1998. The study is primarily interested in assessing the longer-term “civic effects” of the TFA experience. The second project seeks to understand the factors that shape county-level variation in arson attacks on churches in the U.S. between 1996-2001. The specific question of interest is whether a history of racial conflict in the county is related to the burning of African-American churches. Finally, Professor McAdam is collaborating with Professor Rob Sampson (sociology, Harvard) in an ongoing study of neighborhood activism in Chicago between 1970-2005. The goal is to better understand the structural factors and dynamic processes that shape the capacity of neighborhood groups to organize and act on their own behalf.