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GPC Advisor

Graham Seed

Head of Family Office

Graham has over 12 years’ family office experience, partnering with some of the largest and most complex families in the US in each of Boston, New York and San Francisco. His experience includes establishing and operating private trust companies; formulating, presenting and implementing tax and estate planning strategies for family clients; leading and delivering complex transactions; and trust planning involving onshore and offshore trusts and entities, including non-profits. Graham joined Claridge Venture Partners, LLC, the Deitch Family Office entity, in August 2019 with a mandate to improve, build out, and professionalize the service proposition offered to the family. Prior to joining the family office world, Graham spent 6 years in the Fidelity International group, serving as Chief of Staff to the Chief Executive as well as serving as Head of Legal of the parent company. Graham graduated with a MA (Hons) in Classics from Edinburgh University and received his Legal Practice Course and Graduate Diploma in Law (with Honors) from the University of Law, London. He practiced law in London for 10 years specializing in corporate law on behalf of sports and media clients.