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Conference Papers

In SYoung, Monk A, Levitt R. An Integrated Control Tower: Unlocking Long-Term Investment Capital for Clean Energy Innovation. In Stanford Clean Energy Finance Forum Solution Paper Series, Precourt Institute for Energy [Internet]. 2017.
In SYoung, Sharma R, Monk A. Application of Relational Governance in Infrastructure Privatization. In The Engineering Project Organization Conference 2017 held in conjunction with the 5th International Megaprojects Workshop: Theory meets Practice, Stanford Sierra Camp, Lake Tahoe, CA, USA [Internet]. 2017.
Levitt R. GPC Golden Handshake, Levitt, Ray. In Digital Cities Summit. 2016. PDF icon gpcgoldenhandshake.pdf (253.52 KB)
Jacobson MZ. Module 9: Mark Jacobson. In Digital Cities Summit. 2016. PDF icon module9-markjacobson.pdf (27.12 MB)