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Conference Papers

Nissen ME, Orr RJ, Levitt RE. Expanding Knowledge-Flow Theory through Computational Analysis of Knowledge Specialization. In Proceedings of the Academy of Management 2007 Conference. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; 2007. PDF icon cp026.pdf (168.12 KB)
Taylor JE, Levitt RE. Aligning Innovations to Design and Construction Networks. In Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers 2007 Construction Research Congress. Grand Bahamas, Bahamas; 2007. PDF icon cp025.pdf (223.51 KB)
Brockman C, Birkholz A. Industrial Culture in Construction and Manufacturing. In Proceedings of the Joint International Conference on Construction Culture, Innovation and Management . Dubai, UAE; 2006. PDF icon cp024.pdf (107.71 KB)
Nummelin J. Measuring Organizational Culture in Construction Sector-Finnish Sample. In Proceedings of the Joint International Conference on Construction Culture, Innovation and Management . Dubai, UAE; 2006. PDF icon cp023.pdf (183.61 KB)
Grimscheid IG, Brockman C. Global players in the world's construction market. In Proceedings of the Joint International CIB Symposium, Construction in the XXI Century: Local and Global Challenges. Rome, Italy; 2006. PDF icon cp022.pdf (113.22 KB)
Taylor JE, Levitt RE, Villarroel A. Simulating Learning in Interorganizational Networks: The Insidious Role of Task Interdependence and Relational Instability on System-level Learning. In Proceedings of the NAACSOS North American Association for Computational Social and Organizational Sciences Annual Conference and Best Paper Award. Notre Dame University, USA; 2006. PDF icon cp021.pdf (85.04 KB)
Orr RJ, Levitt RE. Embeddedness, Emergent Uncertainty and Strategies for Foreign Markets. In Proceedings of the 2nd Specialty Conference on Leadership and Management in Construction. Grand Bahamas, Bahamas; 2006. PDF icon cp020.pdf (161.41 KB)
Nummelin J. Uncertainty Management Concerning Cultural Dynamics in Project Management: A Case Study. In Proceedings of the 19th IPMA World Congress. New Delhi, India; 2005. PDF icon cp019.pdf (60.41 KB)
Nummelin J, Tukiainen S, Koivu T. The Influence of Cultural Effects on Different Project Types. In Proceedings of the CIB W92 International Symposium "Construction Procurement - The impact of Cultural Differences and Systems on Construction Performance. Las Vegas, Nevada; 2005. PDF icon cp013.pdf (181.81 KB)
Ramsey M, Levitt RE. A Computational Framework for Experimentation with Edge Organizations. In Proceedings of the International Command & Control Research Symposium. McLean, Virginia; 2005. PDF icon cp018.pdf (199.11 KB)