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Conference Papers

Mahalingam A, Levitt RE. Challenges on Global Projects - An Institutional Perspective. In Proceedings of the CIB W92 symposium, Chennai, India. 2004. PDF icon cp003.pdf (167.95 KB)
Ibrahim R, Nissen ME. Simulating Environment Contingencies Using Simvision. In Proceedings of the North American Association for Computational Social and Organizational Science. Pittsburgh, USA; 2004. PDF icon cp008.pdf (216.01 KB)
Taylor JE, Levitt RE. A Model for Systemic Innovation Diffusion in Project-Based Industries. In Proceedings of the Project Management Institute International Research Conference. London; 2004. PDF icon cp007.pdf (482.13 KB)
Ibrahim R, Nissen ME. Emerging Technology to Model Dynamic Knowledge Creation and Flow among Construction Industry Stakeholders During the Critical Feasibility-Entitlements Phase. In Proceedings of the 4th Joint International Symposium on Information Technology in Civil Engineering. 2003. PDF icon j002.pdf (289.11 KB)