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Reconciling Transparency and Long-Term Investing within Sovereign Funds

TitleReconciling Transparency and Long-Term Investing within Sovereign Funds
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsDixon, AD, Monk, AHB

One of the potential consequences of the international community's focus on transparency and commercial orientation, when it comes to sovereign wealth funds, has been to shorten the latter's investment time horizons. As a result, these theoretically long-term investors are pressured into behaving like many short-term investors in the marketplace today, pushed by structural conditions that demand short-term performance in order to secure legitimacy. In evaluating the tension between transparency and long-term investing, we offer a conceptual framework for thinking through different types of transparency pertaining to the investment process as a means of discussing and communicating acceptable and non-acceptable asymmetric information in relation to financial performance.