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US Federal Infrastructure Policy - Opportunities for Change

TitleUS Federal Infrastructure Policy - Opportunities for Change
Publication TypeWorking Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsBennon, M, Gasparro, K, South, A, Hall, D, Bataineh, B
KeywordsWorking Paper
In the United States, support for infrastructure construction and rehabilitation remains a rare area of bipartisan agreement. Federal policy continues to play a critical role in ensuring that our nation’s transportation, water, sanitation, energy, and civic infrastructure assets are well maintained, and that responsible investment decisions are made. In recent years, chronic short-termism and inconsistent policies at the federal level have led to underinvestment and a lack of maintenance in our national infrastructure networks. Bipartisan support is needed to revamp the federal infrastructure policy reform and improve the processes by which local, state, and federal level procure infrastructure assets. This white paper details how federal proposals overlap with recent GPC research areas, and specifically how federal infrastructure policies can (1) support local infrastructure without prescribing it, (2) reform stakeholder engagement, (3) improve contracting and delivery models, (4) apply long-term approaches for long-term projects, and (5) increase federal capacity to implement megaprojects of regional and national significance.