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Working Paper
Taylor JE, Levitt RE. Aligning Innovations to Networks: The Global Challenge. 2004 .PDF icon wp013.pdf (91.46 KB)
Bachher JS, Monk AHB. Attracting Talent to the Frontiers of Finance. 2012 .PDF icon wp072.pdf (194.69 KB)
In SYoung, Park KYoung, Monk A. Is 'Being Green' Rewarded in the Market?: An Empirical Investigation of Decarbonization Risk and Stock Returns. [Internet]. 2017 . Available from:
Monk AHB, Sharma R. Capitalising on Institutional Co-Investment Platforms. [Internet]. 2015 . Available from:
Kim J. CePACs and Their Value Capture Viability in the U.S. for Infrastructure Funding. [Internet]. 2018 . Available from:
Orrill A. Challenges on Culturally Diverse Construction Projects and Strategies to Overcome Them. 2006 .PDF icon wp026.pdf (207.38 KB)
Jooste SF. Comparing Institutional Forms for Urban Water Supply. 2008 .PDF icon wp038.pdf (297.75 KB)
Nissen ME, Buettner R. Computational Experimentation With The Virtual Design Team: Bridging the Chasm Between Laboratory And Field Research In C2. 2004 .PDF icon nissenbuettnerwp006.pdf (427.61 KB)
Vences V. Conflicts & Negotiation Process on the Camisea Gas Project: A Multi-stakeholder Perspective. 2006 .PDF icon wp027.pdf (535.2 KB)
Sridharan V. Construction Market and Construction Firms in China: Strengths, Weaknesses and Development Trajectory. 2007 .PDF icon wp033.pdf (490.75 KB)
Monk A, Clark G. The Contested Role of Investment Consultants: Ambiguity, Contract, and Innovation in Financial Institutions. [Internet]. 2015 . Available from: icon ssrn-id2613939.pdf (433.85 KB)
Levitt RE, Wang C-MA, Ho PS, Javernick-Will AN. A Contingency Theory of Organizational Strategies for Facilitating Knowledge Sharing in Engineering Organizations. 2011 .PDF icon wp064.pdf (1.72 MB)
Turkulainen V, Ketokivi M. The Contingent Value of Organizational Integration. 2012 .
Streeter W. Credit Enhancement: The Missing Link in Infrastructure Finance. 2014 .PDF icon wp085.pdf (53.78 KB)
Horii T. Cross-Cultural Teams: Modeling And Qualitative Analysis Of Influences On Team Performance Through Virtual Experiments. 2003 .PDF icon wp002.pdf (1.67 MB)
Gasparro K. Defining Community Investment in Infrastructure Delivery. 2017 .PDF icon gasparrowhitepaperdefiningcommunityinvesmentininfrastructuredelivery.pdf (528.82 KB)
Ibrahim RB, Nissen ME. Developing a Knowledge-based Organizational Performance Model for Discontinuous Participatory Enterprises. 2004 .PDF icon wp008.pdf (348.11 KB)
Sheffer DA, Levitt RE. The Diffusion of Energy Saving Technologies in the Building Industry: Structural Barriers and Possible Solutions. 2010 .PDF icon wp057.pdf (160.02 KB)
Donner H, Eriksson K, Steep M. Digital Cities: Real Estate Development Driven by Big Data. 2018 .PDF icon digitalcitiesjan292018.pdf (264.69 KB)
Ibrahim RB, Nissen ME. Discontinuity in Organizations: Developing a Knowledge-Based Organizational Performance Model for Discontinuous Membership. 2005 .PDF icon wp020.pdf (632.37 KB)
Ibrahim RB, Paulson B. Discontinuity in Organizations: How Environmental Characteristics contribute to the project's Knowledge Loss Phenomenon. 2004 .PDF icon wp012.pdf (1.09 MB)
Ibrahim RB, Levitt RE, Ramsey M. Discontinuity in Organizations: Impacts of Knowledge Flows on Organizational Performance. 2005 .PDF icon wp018.pdf (557.81 KB)
Ibrahim RB, Shumate M, Levitt RE, Contractor N. Discontinuity in Organizations: Knowledge Flow Behaviors in Sequential Workflow Processes. 2005 .PDF icon wp017.pdf (1.05 MB)
Orr RJ, Levitt RE. Does Cultural Distance Matter? A Large-N Study of Global Partner Satisfaction in the High Tech Industry. 2004 .PDF icon orrlevittwp003.pdf (385.44 KB)