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Ibrahim RB, Nissen ME. Discontinuity in Organizations: Developing a Knowledge-Based Organizational Performance Model for Discontinuous Membership. 2005 .PDF icon wp020.pdf (632.37 KB)
Ibrahim RB, Levitt RE, Ramsey M. Discontinuity in Organizations: Impacts of Knowledge Flows on Organizational Performance. 2005 .PDF icon wp018.pdf (557.81 KB)
Ibrahim RB, Shumate M, Levitt RE, Contractor N. Discontinuity in Organizations: Knowledge Flow Behaviors in Sequential Workflow Processes. 2005 .PDF icon wp017.pdf (1.05 MB)
Orr RJ. Foreign Markets as Subsystems of Civilizations. 2005 .PDF icon wp022.pdf (361.83 KB)
Orr RJ, Metzger B. General Counsels' Roundtable: The Legacy of Failed Projects. 2005 .PDF icon orrwp007.pdf (454.14 KB)
Tukiainen S, Tainio R, Nummelin J, Ainamo A, Koivu T. Impact of Cultural Dynamics on the Process and Outcome of a Global Engineering Project - a Case Managed by the Finns and the Poles. 2005 .PDF icon wp014.pdf (217.87 KB)
Horii T, Jin Y, Levitt RE. Impact of Multiple Normative Systems on Organization Performance of International Joint Ventures. 2005 .PDF icon wp015.pdf (583.55 KB)
Orr RJ, W. Scott R. Institutional Exceptions on Global Projects: Ignorance, Sensemaking and Logical Response. 2005 .PDF icon wp011.pdf (299.08 KB)
Gavrieli D, W. Scott R. Intercultural Knowledge Flows in Edge Organizations: Trust as an Enabler. 2005 .PDF icon wp019.pdf (226.35 KB)
Levitt RE. Organizational Design as "Virtual Adaptation": Designing Project Organizations Based on Micro-Contingency Analysis. 2005 .PDF icon levittwp004.pdf (575.26 KB)
Orr RJ. Two-Way Comparison: Validating the "Recombinant DNA of Civilizations" Framework Against Market Intelligence Reports, and Analyzing Market Intelligence Reports Against the Framework. 2005 .PDF icon wp023.pdf (373.5 KB)
Levitt RE, Orr RJ, Nissen ME. Validation of the Virtual Design Team (VDT) Modeling Environment. 2005 .PDF icon wp025.pdf (282.2 KB)
Orr RJ. What is a Foreign Market?. 2005 .PDF icon wp021.pdf (226.97 KB)