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Working Paper
Anon. The Dynamic Nature of the Governance Structure of Large Investments: Measurement and Modeling, Organizational Fit, and Earning Potential. [Internet]. 2014 . Available from:
Tukiainen S, Ainamo A, Nummelin J. Effects of Cultural Differences on the Outcomes of Global Projects: Some Methodological Considerations. 2003 .PDF icon wp001.pdf (87.64 KB)
Orr RJ, Keever G. Enabling User-Fee Backed Transportation Finance in California. 2008 .PDF icon wp041.pdf (622.85 KB)
Monk AHB, Kearney SWood, Seiger A, Donnelley E. Energizing The US Resource Innovation Ecosystem: The Case for an Aligned Intermediary to Accelerate GHG Emissions Reduction. [Internet]. 2015 . Available from:
Prieto R. The Engineering & Construction Industry Innovation Deficit: Is the E&C Industry Model Broken?. 2009 .PDF icon wp050.pdf (135.93 KB)
Chi CS-F. Expatriation Strategies for Project-Based Industries. 2008 .PDF icon wp043.pdf (262.36 KB)
Levitt RE. An Extended Coordination Theory for Governance of Tasks, Projects, Firms and Business Ecosystems. 2015 .PDF icon micro-governanceofinterdependenttasks-160113.pdf (601.2 KB)
Carroll T, Burton R, Levitt RE, Kiviniemi A. Fallacies of Fast Track Tactics: Implications for Organization Theory and Project Management. 2004 .PDF icon carrolletalwp005.pdf (222.67 KB)
Clark G, Monk AHB. Financial Institutions, Information and Investing-at-a-Distance. 2012 .PDF icon wp073.pdf (587.87 KB)
Dixon AD, Monk AHB. Financializing Development: Toward a Sympathetic Critique of Sovereign Development Funds. [Internet]. 2014 . Available from:
Orr RJ. Foreign Markets as Subsystems of Civilizations. 2005 .PDF icon wp022.pdf (361.83 KB)
Sheffer DA, Levitt RE. Fragmentation inhibits innovation: Overcoming professional and trade lock in. 2012 .PDF icon wp069.pdf (581.77 KB)
Dixon AD, Monk AHB. Frontier Finance. 2013 .PDF icon wp081.pdf (5.04 MB)
Gasparro K. Funding Municipal Infrastructure: Integrating Project Finance and Crowdfunding. 2015 .PDF icon wp87.pdf (527.97 KB)
Ho PS. Game Theory and Policy Making in Managing Large-Scale Projects: Cases of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), Governance Structures of International JVs, Knowledge Sharing Modeling and Evidence. 2007 .PDF icon wp030.pdf (4.84 MB)
Orr RJ, Metzger B. General Counsels' Roundtable: The Legacy of Failed Projects. 2005 .PDF icon orrwp007.pdf (454.14 KB)
Clark G, Monk AHB. The Geography of Contract in the Global Financial Services Industry. 2012 .PDF icon wp078.pdf (316.06 KB)
Al-Kharusi QA, Dixon AD, Monk AHB. Getting Closer to the Action: Why Pension and Sovereign Funds are Expanding Geographically. [Internet]. 2014 . Available from:
Gerritsen EJ. The Global Infrastructure Boom of 2009-2015: Strategic Economic Consequences for America, China and the Global Economy. 2009 .PDF icon wp048.pdf (160.96 KB)
Kim J, Singham S, In SYoung, Bennon M. Global Urbanization Trends and Challenges Facing Mature Mid-Size Cities: The Case of Busan, South Korea. 2015 .PDF icon pusanwhitepaperfinal121615.pdf (453.74 KB)
Halland H, Dixon A, In SYoung, Monk A, Sharma R. Governing Blended Finance: An Institutional Investor Perspective. [Internet]. 2018 . Available from:
Ho PS. Government Policy on PPP Financial Issues: Bid Compensation and Financial Renegotiation. 2007 .PDF icon wp029.pdf (209.64 KB)
Kim J. Handbook on Urban Infrastructure Finance. [Internet]. 2016 . Available from: icon pdf-handbook-urban-infrastructure-finance-julie-kim.pdf (3.33 MB)
Tang SMT. How front end factors affect project outcomes: A look at four infrastructure projects in Asia. 2006 .PDF icon wp034.pdf (4.16 MB)
Sheffer DA, Levitt RE. How Industry Structure Retards Diffusion of Innovations in Construction: Challenges and Opportunities. 2010 .PDF icon wp059.pdf (808.38 KB)