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Working Paper
Javernick-Will AN, Levitt RE. Mobilizing Knowledge for International Projects. 2008 .PDF icon wp037.pdf (273.4 KB)
Javernick-Will AN, Levitt RE. Mobilizing Institutional Knowledge for International Projects. 2009 .PDF icon wp047.pdf (327.93 KB)
Gelderen Ev., Monk A. Knowledge Management in Asset Management. [Internet]. 2015 . Available from: icon ssrn-id2642467.pdf (278.54 KB)
Gavrieli D, W. Scott R. Intercultural Knowledge Flows in Edge Organizations: Trust as an Enabler. 2005 .PDF icon wp019.pdf (226.35 KB)
Javernick-Will AN. The Institutionalization of Knowledge Management in an Engineering Organization. 2008 .PDF icon wp040.pdf (480.18 KB)
Orr RJ, W. Scott R. Institutional Exceptions on Global Projects: Ignorance, Sensemaking and Logical Response. 2005 .PDF icon wp011.pdf (299.08 KB)
Nowacki C, Levitt R, Monk A. Innovative Financing And Governance Structures To Solve The Greenfield Infrastructure Gap: A Case Study Of New South Wales, Australia. 2016 .PDF icon nowackiepocjournalarticle2016.pdf (359.46 KB)
Sheffer DA, Katila R, Levitt RE, Taylor JE. Innovation of Unique, Complex Products. 2013 .PDF icon wp080.pdf (1.3 MB)
Bennon M, Monk AHB, Cho YJ. In-Kind Infrastructure Investments by Public Pensions: The Queensland Motorways Case Study. [Internet]. 2017 . Available from:
Mardirosian RC. Infrastructure Development in the Shadow of Conflict: Aligning Incentives and Attracting Investment. 2010 .PDF icon wp058.pdf (825.81 KB)
Sharma R. Infrastructure: an Emerging Asset Class for Institutional Investors. 2013 .PDF icon infrastructure-emergingassetclassworkingpaper.pdf (1018 KB)
Orr RJ. Infrastructure a la carte: The shape of things to come. 2009 .PDF icon wp063.pdf (246.61 KB)
Pathak S. Indian Infrastructure: Re-calibrating the PPP strategy. 2011 .PDF icon wp062.pdf (588.28 KB)
Horii T, Jin Y, Levitt RE. Impact of Multiple Normative Systems on Organization Performance of International Joint Ventures. 2005 .PDF icon wp015.pdf (583.55 KB)
Tukiainen S, Tainio R, Nummelin J, Ainamo A, Koivu T. Impact of Cultural Dynamics on the Process and Outcome of a Global Engineering Project - a Case Managed by the Finns and the Poles. 2005 .PDF icon wp014.pdf (217.87 KB)
Hall D. Identifying the Role of the Project Intergration Strategies in the Adoption of Systemic Innovations. 2017 .PDF icon pmjsubmissionfinal.pdf (558.96 KB)
Sheffer DA, Levitt RE. How Industry Structure Retards Diffusion of Innovations in Construction: Challenges and Opportunities. 2010 .PDF icon wp059.pdf (808.38 KB)
Tang SMT. How front end factors affect project outcomes: A look at four infrastructure projects in Asia. 2006 .PDF icon wp034.pdf (4.16 MB)
Kim J. Handbook on Urban Infrastructure Finance. [Internet]. 2016 . Available from: icon pdf-handbook-urban-infrastructure-finance-julie-kim.pdf (3.33 MB)
Ho PS. Government Policy on PPP Financial Issues: Bid Compensation and Financial Renegotiation. 2007 .PDF icon wp029.pdf (209.64 KB)
Halland H, Dixon A, In SYoung, Monk A, Sharma R. Governing Blended Finance: An Institutional Investor Perspective. [Internet]. 2018 . Available from:
Kim J, Singham S, In SYoung, Bennon M. Global Urbanization Trends and Challenges Facing Mature Mid-Size Cities: The Case of Busan, South Korea. 2015 .PDF icon pusanwhitepaperfinal121615.pdf (453.74 KB)
Gerritsen EJ. The Global Infrastructure Boom of 2009-2015: Strategic Economic Consequences for America, China and the Global Economy. 2009 .PDF icon wp048.pdf (160.96 KB)
Al-Kharusi QA, Dixon AD, Monk AHB. Getting Closer to the Action: Why Pension and Sovereign Funds are Expanding Geographically. [Internet]. 2014 . Available from:
Clark G, Monk AHB. The Geography of Contract in the Global Financial Services Industry. 2012 .PDF icon wp078.pdf (316.06 KB)