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Working Paper
Monk A, Rook D, Scarth N. Transparent Alignment in Investment Research: From Unbundling to Relational Contracting. 2018 .
Monk A, Rook D. The Technological Investor: Deeper Innovation Through Reorientation. 2018 .
Monk A, Rook D. The Technological Investor: Deeper Innovation Through Reorientation. 2019 .
Nowacki C, Monk A. Sovereign Investors: Between Global Financial Capitalism and State Capitalism. 2018 .
Rook D, Monk A. Managing Knowledge Management: Towards an Operating System for Institutional Investment. 2018 .
Van Gelderen E, Monk A. Knowledge Management for Investors: Filling Knowledge Gaps via Networking and External Partnerships. 2019 .
Nowacki C, Levitt R, Monk A. Innovative Financing And Governance Structures To Solve The Greenfield Infrastructure Gap: A Case Study Of New South Wales, Australia. 2016 .PDF icon nowackiepocjournalarticle2016.pdf (359.46 KB)
Guimaraes A, Monk A, Porter S. Improving Investment Operations Through Data Science: A Case Study of Innovation in Valuation. 2018 .
Halland H, Dixon AD, In SYoung, Monk A, Sharma R. Governing Blended Finance: An Institutional Investor Perspective. 2018 .
Bachher J, Monk A, Sharma R. From Theory to Practice: The Collaborative Model for Investing in Innovation and Energy. 2016 .
In SYoung, Monk A. Financing Energy Innovation: The Need for New Intermediaries in Clean Energy. 2019 .
Rook D, Monk A. Deep Geography: Implications of the Socio-Spatial Structure in Artificial-Intelligence Research for Financial Institutions. 2018 .
Nowacki C, Monk A. Bridging Institutional Logics to Lead Regional Development: The Case of Khazanah in Iskandar Malaysia. 2019 .
Clark G, Monk A. Assessing Long-Term Investor Performance: Principles, Policies and Metrics. 2019 .
Monk A, Rook D. The Technologized Investor. Stanford University Press; 2020 p. 232.