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Working Paper
Orr RJ, Levitt RE. Does Cultural Distance Matter? A Large-N Study of Global Partner Satisfaction in the High Tech Industry. 2004 .PDF icon orrlevittwp003.pdf (385.44 KB)
Orr RJ, Keever G. Enabling User-Fee Backed Transportation Finance in California. 2008 .PDF icon wp041.pdf (622.85 KB)
Orr RJ. Foreign Markets as Subsystems of Civilizations. 2005 .PDF icon wp022.pdf (361.83 KB)
Orr RJ, Metzger B. General Counsels' Roundtable: The Legacy of Failed Projects. 2005 .PDF icon orrwp007.pdf (454.14 KB)
Orr RJ. Infrastructure a la carte: The shape of things to come. 2009 .PDF icon wp063.pdf (246.61 KB)
Orr RJ, W. Scott R. Institutional Exceptions on Global Projects: Ignorance, Sensemaking and Logical Response. 2005 .PDF icon wp011.pdf (299.08 KB)
Clark G, Monk AHB, Orr RJ, W. Scott R. A New Era of Infrastructure Investing. 2011 .PDF icon wp065.pdf (167.57 KB)
Kennedy J, Orr RJ. The 'New Market' for Emerging Markets Infrastructure: China, Other New Players and Revised Game Rules. 2007 .PDF icon wp032.pdf (476.62 KB)
Orr RJ. Pensions & infrastructure: The Path to Common Ground. 2009 .PDF icon wp051.pdf (422.53 KB)
Farrugia C, Reynolds T, Orr RJ. Public-Private Partnership Agencies: A Global Perspective. 2008 .PDF icon wp039.pdf (699.71 KB)
Orr RJ. Two-Way Comparison: Validating the "Recombinant DNA of Civilizations" Framework Against Market Intelligence Reports, and Analyzing Market Intelligence Reports Against the Framework. 2005 .PDF icon wp023.pdf (373.5 KB)
Levitt RE, Orr RJ, Nissen ME. Validation of the Virtual Design Team (VDT) Modeling Environment. 2005 .PDF icon wp025.pdf (282.2 KB)
Orr RJ. What is a Foreign Market?. 2005 .PDF icon wp021.pdf (226.97 KB)