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Levitt RE, Fry C, Greene S, Kaftan C. The Development Dilemma. 2011 .PDF icon salesforce.comcasestudy.pdf (166.73 KB)
Levitt RE, Mahalingam A. VDT-I: Predicting and Mitigating Institutional Costs in Global Projects. 2002 .PDF icon p001.pdf (1.37 MB)
Levitt RE, Taylor JE. Understanding and Managing Systemic Innovation in Project-Based Industries. In: ; 2004.PDF icon taylorlevitt2004.pdf (505.02 KB)
Levitt RE. Towards Project Management 2.0. Engineering Project Organization Journal [Internet]. 2011 ;1(3). Available from: icon j016.pdf (211.18 KB)
Levitt RE, Mahalingam A. Modeling Culture. 2003 .PDF icon p002.pdf (1.37 MB)
Levitt RE, Mahalingam A, Orr RJ, Horii T. Predicting And Mitigating Institutional Costs In Global Projects. 2003 .PDF icon p003.pdf (1.32 MB)
Levitt RE. The Anatomy of a Successful Research Proposal. 2005 .PDF icon p005.pdf (776.36 KB)
Levitt RE. Designing Organizations Based on Micro-Contingency Analysis. 2005 .PDF icon p007.pdf (1013.58 KB)
Levitt RE. Aligning Program, Portfolio and Project Management with Your DSN. 2006 .PDF icon p010.pdf (847.96 KB)
Levitt RE. Collaboratory for Research on Global Projects - Overview of Current Research. 2007 .PDF icon p013.pdf (9.1 MB)
Levitt RE. Organizational Design as "Virtual Adaptation": Designing Project Organizations Based on Micro-Contingency Analysis. 2005 .PDF icon levittwp004.pdf (575.26 KB)
Levitt RE, Orr RJ, Nissen ME. Validation of the Virtual Design Team (VDT) Modeling Environment. 2005 .PDF icon wp025.pdf (282.2 KB)
Levitt RE, Kunz JC. Design Your Project Organization As Engineers Design Bridges. 2002 .PDF icon wp031.pdf (99.75 KB)
Levitt RE. Overview of The Virtual Design Team (VDT) Research Program: 1988-2010. 2009 .PDF icon wp052.pdf (561.12 KB)
Levitt RE, Chachere J, Ramsey M. Organizational Research Generator for Simulation in the Military. 2010 .PDF icon wp060.pdf (2.02 MB)
Levitt RE, Wang C-MA, Ho PS, Javernick-Will AN. A Contingency Theory of Organizational Strategies for Facilitating Knowledge Sharing in Engineering Organizations. 2011 .PDF icon wp064.pdf (1.72 MB)
Levitt RE. Toward Project Management 2.0. 2011 .PDF icon wp066.pdf (211.18 KB)