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Chan H. Collective Effects of Strategic, Cultural and Institutional Factors on Investors' Renegotiation Approach in Public and Private Concession. 2010 .PDF icon d011.pdf (1.65 MB)
Ibrahim RB. Discontinuity in Organizations: Impacts of Knowledge Flows on Organizational Performance. 2005 .PDF icon d002.pdf (7.75 MB)
Bernet MSolsona. Eastern and Western Paradigms: A Comparative Analysis and Evaluation of Infrastructure Development Models through the Jamaica Highway 2000 Case Study. 2016 .PDF icon msthesismsolsonabernet.pdf (3.52 MB)
Khosraviani B. An Evolutionary Approach for Project Organization Design: Producing Human-Competitive Results Using Genetic Programming. 2005 .PDF icon d005.pdf (1.92 MB)
Jooste SF. Exploring the Networks of Organizations that Enable and Govern Infrastructure Public Private Partnerships: An Organizational Field-Level Perspective. 2010 .PDF icon d012.pdf (1014.21 KB)
Chi CS-F. How Host Country and Transitional Institutions Interact on International Infrastructure Projects in Less Developed Countries: Case Studies of High-Speed Rail Projects in China and Taiwan. 2010 .
MacKinnon DJ. How Individual Skill Growth and Decay Affect the Performance of Project Organizations.". 2007 .PDF icon d008.pdf (687.52 KB)
Horii T. Impact of Multiple Normative Systems on the Organizational Performance of International Joint Ventures. 2005 .PDF icon d004.pdf (3.23 MB)
Sheffer DA. Innovation in Modular Industries: Implementing Energy-Efficient Innovations in US Buildings. 2011 .PDF icon d013.pdf (1.31 MB)
Javernick-Will AN. Mobilizing Institutional Knowledge for International Projects: The Relative Importance, Acquisition, and Transfer of Institutional Knowledge for International Firms. 2009 .PDF icon d009.pdf (1.23 MB)
Casady C. PPP Procurement In Canada: An Analysis Of Tendering Periods. 2016 .PDF icon canadianppptenderingperiodsthesis-final.pdf (524.87 KB)
Peterman A. The Roles Within: Building Energy Conservation in the United States through Alliance Networks and other Voluntary Strategies. 2013 .PDF icon d015.pdf (7.17 MB)
Clarke AJ. Sustainable Innovation Diffusion in the Building Industry: Barriers and Potential Interventions. 2012 .PDF icon d014.pdf (506.97 KB)
Taylor JE. Three Perspectives on Innovation in Interorganizational Networks: Systemic Innovation, Boundary Object Change, and the Alignment of Innovations and Networks. 2005 .PDF icon d006.pdf (864.84 KB)