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Chan H. Shifting of Bargaining Power Among Stockholders in International Projects - A Mathematical Modeling Approach. 2007 .PDF icon p016.pdf (776.86 KB)
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Jooste SF. How Public Private Partnerships Impact Managerial capacity for Infrastructure Management in Developing Countries. 2007 .PDF icon p019.pdf (204.3 KB)
Woodhouse E. The Experience with Independant Power Projects in Developing Countries. 2005 .PDF icon p006.pdf (175.35 KB)
Anon. Digital Cities Program Brochure 2018. 2018 .PDF icon 2018-2019stanfordprogramguidefinal.pdf (1.55 MB)
Ciesinski S. Digital Cities Meeting Stephen Ciesinski. 2017 .PDF icon stephenciesinski.pdf (9.67 MB)
Disanto J. Digital Cities Jim Disanto. 2017 .PDF icon motusmar2017.pdf (1.92 MB)
Steep M. Digital Cities Affiliate Program Mike Steep. 2017 .PDF icon mikesteep.pdf (38.72 MB)
Savarese S. Digital Cities Affiliate Meeting Silvio Savarese. 2017 .PDF icon silvio.pdf (8.89 MB)
Jain R. Digital Cities Affiliate Meeting Rishee Jain. 2017 .PDF icon risheejain.pdf (4.31 MB)
Anon. Digital Cities Affiliate Meeting Ramon Iglesias. 2017 .PDF icon ramoniglesias.pdf (2.39 MB)
Anderson M. Digital Cities Affiliate Meeting Michelle Anderson. 2017 .PDF icon andersonmichelle.pdf (10.3 MB)
Genesereth M. Digital Cities Affiliate Meeting Michael Genesereth. 2017 .PDF icon geneserethmichael.pdf (5.21 MB)
Baker J. Digital Cities Affiliate Meeting Jack Baker. 2017 .PDF icon jackbaker.pdf (11.77 MB)
Criddle C. Digital Cities Affiliate Meeting Craig Criddle. 2017 .PDF icon criddlecraig.pdf (6.18 MB)
Levitt RE. Designing Organizations Based on Micro-Contingency Analysis. 2005 .PDF icon p007.pdf (1013.58 KB)
Horii T. Cross Cultural Teams: Characteristics And Analysis Of The Impacts On Team Performances Through Virtual Experiments. 2005 .PDF icon p004.pdf (506.54 KB)
Jayasundera DC. Continued activity of small scale local /regional companies in the water and sanitation sector privatizations in Latin America since 2000. 2007 .PDF icon p018.pdf (254.75 KB)
Schaffer H. Contentious politics in liquefied natural gas facility siting in California. 2007 .PDF icon p017.pdf (400.38 KB)