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Savarese S. Digital Cities Affiliate Meeting Silvio Savarese. 2017 .PDF icon silvio.pdf (8.89 MB)
Schaffer H. Site fights' : Opposition to oil and gas pipeline projects in the developing world. 2008 .PDF icon p022.pdf (1.29 MB)
Schaffer H. Contentious politics in liquefied natural gas facility siting in California. 2007 .PDF icon p017.pdf (400.38 KB)
Sedar B. 2_22_1to5_Spotlight on Digital Tranportation. In: Digital Cities Summit. Digital Cities Summit. ; 2016.PDF icon 2221to5spotlightondigitaltranportationconsoldidatedbds1.pdf (4.53 MB)
M. Seitanidi M, Bitzer V, Leigh JSA, Kourula A. Annual Review of Social Partnerships. [Internet]. 2015 . Available from:
Settel D, Chowdhury A, Orr RJ. The Rise of MDFI Investments in Private Equity Funds. The Journal of Private Equity. 2009 ;(Spring).PDF icon j013.pdf (1.11 MB)
Sharma R, Knight E. The Role of Information Density in Infrastructure Investment. [Internet]. 2014 . Available from:
Sharma R. Infrastructure: an Emerging Asset Class for Institutional Investors. 2013 .PDF icon infrastructure-emergingassetclassworkingpaper.pdf (1018 KB)
Sharma S. Module 9: Sameer Sharma. In: Digital Cities Summit. Digital Cities Summit. ; 2016.PDF icon module9sameersharma.pdf (5.9 MB)
Sharma R, Knight E. Retooling In-House Investment Teams Inside Institutional Investors: Three Perspectives on the Shift Towards Direct Infrastructure Investment. [Internet]. 2014 . Available from:
Sheffer DA, Levitt RE. The Diffusion of Energy Saving Technologies in the Building Industry: Structural Barriers and Possible Solutions. 2010 .PDF icon wp057.pdf (160.02 KB)
Sheffer DA. Innovation in Modular Industries: Implementing Energy-Efficient Innovations in US Buildings. 2011 .PDF icon d013.pdf (1.31 MB)
Sheffer DA, Katila R, Levitt RE, Taylor JE. Innovation of Unique, Complex Products. 2013 .PDF icon wp080.pdf (1.3 MB)
Sheffer DA, Levitt RE. Fragmentation inhibits innovation: Overcoming professional and trade lock in. 2012 .PDF icon wp069.pdf (581.77 KB)
Sheffer DA, Levitt RE. How Industry Structure Retards Diffusion of Innovations in Construction: Challenges and Opportunities. 2010 .PDF icon wp059.pdf (808.38 KB)
South AJ, Levitt RE, Dewulf GPMR. Dynamic Stakeholder Networks and the Governance of PPPs. In: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Public-Private Partnerships. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Public-Private Partnerships. Austin, Texas, USA; 2015.PDF icon 15-110southlevittdewulfdynamicstakeholdernetworks.pdf (782.95 KB)
Sridharan V. Construction Market and Construction Firms in China: Strengths, Weaknesses and Development Trajectory. 2007 .PDF icon wp033.pdf (490.75 KB)
Steep M. Digital Cities Affiliate Program Mike Steep. 2017 .PDF icon mikesteep.pdf (38.72 MB)
Stewart E. Module 24, Stewart. In: Digital Cities Summit. Digital Cities Summit. ; 2016.PDF icon modue24-stewartemma.pdf (8.74 MB)
Stodder S, Orr RJ. Understanding Renegotiation and Dispute Resolution Experience in Foreign Infrastructure Investment. Journal of World Investment and Trade. 2006 ;7(5).
Streeter W. Credit Enhancement: The Missing Link in Infrastructure Finance. 2014 .PDF icon wp085.pdf (53.78 KB)
Swimmer E, Gomez-Ibanez JA, Casady C. Toll-managed lane pioneers: Lessons from five US states. 2019 .