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Institutional Investment

We are actively researching ways to unlock institutional capital for investment in strategic assets across sectors, across the risk/return spectrum, and both globally and locally. We are interested in innovative institutions and processes that investors are using in order to invest in illiquid, long-term assets, such as infrastructure. We are actively researching methods and best practices for global financial institutions to

§ Inform decision-making within asset owners and develop an understanding of how decision-making processes might be simplified and / or improved. 

 § Determine the ways in which technology might facilitate better investment outcomes for long-term investors.


§  Develop In-House Capabilities for investing in strategic assets

§  Manage External Service Providers (technical, financial, and other) needed to conduct due diligence, reach financial close, develop and manage investments in strategic assets

§  Utilize Innovative Intermediation to reduce the transaction and sourcing costs of investing in strategic assets without constraining deal flow or increasing risk