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Soh Young In

PhD Student
Soh Young In is a doctoral candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University. Soh Young's research focuses on catalyzing private capital into clean energy innovation and her current research subjects include: (1) investigating market performance of decarbonizing investment; (2) analyzing information sharing and network patterns among investors and entrepreneurs in clean energy; and (3) creating an innovative investment vehicle for clean energy startups. Prior to her PhD career, Soh Young worked at Korea Development Bank for 7 years. She completed her MA in International Policy Studies at Stanford and BA in Economics and Statistics at Columbia University. Her interdisciplinary research has drawn great attention from and been funded by multiple leading institutions around the world. In 2016, Soh Young won a research prize on low-carbon investing from the United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP) Finance Initiative. In 2017, her new academic project on a novel clean energy investment vehicle design received funding from Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy, Bank of America, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She also won a Clean Energy Education and Empowerment (C3E) poster award, which is led by and Department of Energy (DOE), MIT Energy Initiative, Stanford Precourt Institute of Energy. The distinctive value of her academic research is that it positively impacts policymakers as well as private and institutional investors. Using her experience as a former development banker, she is uniquely qualified to help policymakers mobilize private capital into clean energy innovation. Soh Young is also actively promoting energy and climate change issues and perspectives at on and off-campus communities. She is an editor of the Stanford Energy Journal, and organizing committee of Engineering Project Organization Society.