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The Stanford Global Projects Center is located at the Yang & Yamazaki Energy & Environment (Y2E2) building at Stanford University. We research new ways to finance, develop, and invest in critical infrastructure worldwide.

GPC joined CSIS for a presentation on our infrastructure finance, governance and sustainability research. The Roundtable, held in Washington DC on December 18th, was on Constructing a New Global Order, Western and Chinese Infrastructure Development Abroad.

GPC's Second Annual Digital Cities Summit took place on February 26th and 27th, 2018 in McCaw Hall at the Stanford University Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center. Read about the event here.

Research by GPC PhD Student Soh Young In & Executive Director Ashby Monk on businesses "going green" and being rewarded by the market has been featured in WIRED. View the article, Apparently We Can Let the Stock Market Fight Climate Change,here.

Showcasing how the GPC has influenced large-scale, global projects by bringing together insights from diverse disciplines, the Stanford Office of International Affairs recently published an interview with Professor Levitt, Director of the GPC.

Our book, Reframing Finance, listed among the best business books in 2017 by the Business Editor of The Economist.

GPC's new book, Reframing Finance: New Models of Long Term Investment Management, has been listed among the best business books in 2017 by the Business Editor of The Economist.


Recent News

April 12, 2019
GPC's PhD candidate Kate Gasparro explores the role of wealth and public engagement in her new article "Civic Crowdfunding Reduces the Risk of 'Bikelash.'"
February 26, 2019
GPC research staff and faculty published a new paper titled "(Re)defining public-private partnerships (PPPs) in the new public governance (NPG) paradigm: an institutional maturity perspective." The paper explores the maturity of PPPs with their PPP institutional model, which is based on legitimacy, trust, and capacity.
December 5, 2018
In their recent review paper, GPC members Rajiv Sharma and Michael Bennon provide a detailed review of the tools available to infrastructure investors to measure and report on the sustainability of their projects and portfolios. Their review of a dozen project screening or accounting tools covers the assessment process, the specific environmental or social criteria assessed, and the environmental performance indicators measured by each system.
November 13, 2018
In her new article,"Building Better Cities with Civic Technology," by GPC's own PhD Candidate Kate Gasparro, Kate takes a look at 20 different civic technologies and their capabilities.