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2022 Conference

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September 9th and 12th, 2022
Stanford University 


It is clear that our world is at an inflection point. Awareness of the interconnection between overarching factors such as climate change, technological transformation, global security and social justice is increasing - as is the understanding that addressing these issues will require an informed, multifaceted and visionary approach. 

With an established history of academic/industry collaboration, and a new programmatic focus on the power of Family Offices for mission driven change, the Stanford Program on Disruptive Technologies and Digital Cities is uniquely positioned to convene multiple constituents to share insights and chart a positive path forward. 

Our 2022 Conference on “Next Gen Entrepreneurship, Technology & Social Impact” leverages Stanford’s academic excellence and leadership in early-stage tech and related ESG's, bringing together thought leaders from academia, ​industry, and family offices in a unique two-day event exploring transformative people, technologies, and opportunities. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of how to leverage emerging trends in technologies for their own products, services, investments, and decision​ making. 

Speakers will include Stanford faculty from the schools of Communication, Engineering, Computer Science, Business and Law, as well as entrepreneurs, corporate executives, family office principals and social changemakers. Topics will range from Mission Philanthropy to Climate Solutions, from the Geopolitics of Global Security to Innovations in Sustainable Energy, from presentations by Elevate Prize Winners to presentations on Emerging Materials, Sensors and Robotics, from Predictive Analytics to Ethical & Responsible Technologies.  There will be ample opportunity to network, as well as conference rooms and breakout sessions for more private conversations.

Join us - the choices we make today will have reverberations for generations to come.

Event Registration is coming soon!