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The DTGC Program offers a new and interdisciplinary perspective on technology by combining business modeling expertise and technology research.  We work across all seven schools at Stanford to cover disruptive technologies and new business models spanning healthcare, financial services, transportation, construction, sustainability, energy, advanced materials, data analytics, media and entertainment. 

We develop a comprehensive Annual Plan in partnership with each affiliate member, designed to align their business needs with exposure to disruptive technology. We provide members with active guidance on technology identification and how to transform disruptive technology into new opportunities for growth. We also assist our members in identifying Stanford resources for speaking engagements, write memos and white papers on areas of interest, conduct seed research projects, and even create prototype products at Stanford labs (research projects and prototype development comes at an additional cost). The standard affiliate membership annual fee is currently $35,000. We make exceptions for non-profit organizations (please reach out directly).

The DTDC Program operates under the Stanford University Policies affecting Industrial Affiliates Program Memberships.

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Membership Benefits

Engagement with World-Class Faculty and Ph. D.'s
Our reach spans all seven of Stanford's schools in an interdisciplinary fashion. We first identify the relevant technology and then help our members interact across these world-class researchers. 
Connecting Technology to Business Models
In each member annual plan, we identify emerging and potentially disruptive technology that is relevant in relation to member goals.
Stanford Technology Labs Portfolio
We have access to a complete catalogue of all Stanford technology labs (400+ ) and research projects (4000+) that are used to align member annual plan goals to specific labs where IP is commercially transferable. We also work with Stanford researchers, venture capital and affiliate members to create start-up opportunities.
Facilitated Access to Venture Capital
The program offers facilitated access to $60M in venture funding for use in developing early stage startup opportunities with member involvement (through GPC affiliate member, Diamond Ventures). Two startups have been funded through the program so far.
Research Collaborations
Members also get access to the eco-system of the membership - we continuously work on identifying opportunities for research collaboration.
Program Research
Access to GPC related research, and digital cities research on behalf of the entire membership. Sample projects have resulted in the launch of a major financial services company's new business for consumer liquidity and a cyber company with a remarkable new approach to intercepting cyber attacks before they enter a network.
Our annual 2-day Summit attracts upwards of 300 researchers, policymakers and C-level executives. In addition to networking events, we facilitate break-out sessions on research and joint-venturing. We also host a number of regular online and physical events. Recent online events have covered energy technologies and the future of cybersecurity.
We can assist our members in connecting with Stanford graduate students to explore part-time and full-time employment opportunities.

Our corporate affiliate members have access to some of the most valued expertise in disruptive technology and human behavior. In addition to direct program benefits, members may utilize the program leadership to recommend the right people to discuss a wide range of topics including:

  • Finding technical and technically savvy business talent
  • Developing effective innovation organizations
  • Learning how to leverage partnerships and joint ventures
  • Developing networking skills to a leadership level
  • Accessing foreign partners and market expertise
  • Finding the right expert in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics etc
  • Finding the right executive in one of 1500 Fortune Group companies to engage in a discussion accessing the Silicon Valley Community
  • Understanding how to develop a low-cost way to become aware of disruptive technology
  • Learning more about IP rights
  • Understanding privacy
  • Learning about venture-backed startup models
  • Understanding how VC's strategize and operate
  • Creating effective innovation processes inside the company
  • Learning where to invest in future technologies

Family Office Members Are Part of Our Program

In addition to the benefits afforded to DTDC corporate members, we also have a dedicated set of goals and activities for Family Office. Our work with Family Offices addresses areas such as:

  • The role of the next generation of Family Office leadership
  • The mission of Family Office bridging wealth maintenance to new areas for growth
  • Education of Family Office leadership to understand how to approach investing in disruptive technology
  • Creating a socially relevant strategy that can use Family Office resources for the betterment of solving complex problems including climate change and social equity
  • Understanding the legal and regulatory environments

***Companies may provide additional funding. All research results arising from the use of the additional funding will be shared with all program members and the general public. Affiliate Program members may request the additional funding be used to support a particular area of program research identified on the program’s website, or the program research of a named faculty member, as long as the faculty is identified on the program website as participating in the Affiliate Program.***