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GPC Advisor

Jeremiah Baker

Co-Founder of Bonin Ventures

Jeremiah Baker grew up in a diverse family with over 40 foster brothers and sisters. His parents were both entrepreneurs, running businesses in real estate, auto repair, hair salons, and restaurants. Growing up in this environment he watched his parents display amazing levels of generosity where he learned to have compassion and to always help those in need. While in college he started a web development and advertising business during the dotcom boom with his college roommate. They built websites for organizations such as the National Soccer Hall of Fame and designed advertisements for Pfizer and many others.He’s spent the last 20 years working with enterprise technology companies across dozens of industries including banks, enterprise software, auto manufacturers, hedge funds, energy companies, cyber-security, and many more.He’s consulted with some of the world’s top companies including, Siebel Systems, Hewlett Packard, Equifax, Nokia, Qualtrics, Quantum Metric, Witness Systems/Verint, and many more. Jeremiah graduated from Hartwick College with a Bachelor of Arts in economics. He enjoys mentoring startups helping them define their unique selling propositions and go-to-market strategies. He’s the Co-Founder of Bonin Ventures and currently resides in Atlanta, GA.